Alice RamosCoordinator ASP

Alice Ramos, PhD in Sociology, is a researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon. Her research interests have been focused on two main lines of research: a) the impact of the articulation between individual factors (values and attitudes) and social structures in the development of discriminatory attitudes, especially vis-à-vis immigrants and refugees, in a multilevel perspective ; b) trans-national and longitudinal  methodologies. She has recently started a research line dedicated to the study of the formation of values and discriminatory attitudes in childhood and adolescence. She is, since January 2018, National Coordinator of the European Social Survey-ERIC and the European Values Study.

Together with Jorge Vala and Cicero Pereira, she founded the Summer School of Advanced Methods in Data Analysis at ICS-ULisboa in 2009 and is currently Coordinator of ICS’s  Summer/Winter Schools.

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